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Sessions: Sunday 9:15 AM

Sunday September 23, 2012 - 9:15 to 10:15 AM

Track 1 - Presented by SAGE: Inventory 2: Advanced

 Take inventory management to the next level with Serialized Inventory, Item Assembly, Bill of Materials, and service items. Also, learn the differences from a software perspective of FIFO and Average Costing methods.

Track 2 - Presented by INTUIT: Inventory in QuickBooks

This seminar walks you through the details of QuickBooks inventory. You will learn what types of items are available to you and your clients in QuickBooks. Learn how inventory parts and assembly items are tracked in QuickBooks. Learn the details of how to keep on top of your client’s inventory using proven tips and tricks in QuickBooks.

Track 3 - Presented by Scott Zandbergen, Wave Accounting: The New World of Bookkeeping in the Cloud

Let's face it, the world is changing. Cloud computing isn't a fad – it's here to stay! Doing your accounting "in the cloud” is quickly becoming the new normal. Join us for this session to gain a better understanding of:· The core benefits of moving to the cloud · The different approaches to cloud-based accounting · The role of the bookkeeper in cloud-based accounting · Collaboration benefits with your small business clients · Data privacy and securityWe'll give you a thorough introduction to Wave Accounting, one of Canada's fastest growing start-ups. We'll teach you what you need to know about how to accomplish key tasks in the application, integrate with your online banking accounts and efficiently collaborate with your clients. We'll also introduce you to the Wave Pro Network for accountants & bookkeepers, to help you tap into a growing customer base.

Track 4 - Mike Bohbot, Dr Tax, Senior Account Representative: Grow your tax business with DT Max

 Learn how DT Max will help you grow your tax business and increase your profitability.

Track 5 - Presented by Ron Baker: Baker’s Dozen Best Business Books You Don’t Need to Read

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book. ––Henry David Thoreau

Nearly 5,000 business books are published each year. Some are worthless, others have merit, fewer still have lasting value; but a handful possess the ability to transform your firm (and possibly, your life). Yet with your busy and frenetic schedules, do you feel you don’t devote enough time to reading and absorbing new ideas?

Then this session is for you. We will explore the best business books ever written, summarized by author, subject matter, content, ideas, and theories presented.





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