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Sessions: Saturday 3:15 PM

Saturday September 22, 2012 - 3:15 to 4:15 PM


Track 1 - Presented by SAGE: Tips & Tricks 

Are you using Sage 50-Canadian Edition as efficiently as possible? Over the years, there have been a number of enhancements made to Sage 50 / Simply Accounting. Some are big changes and quite evident. Others are small changes and may go unnoticed. Come and learn about some of the improvements made over the years which will help save you and your clients time when doing the bookkeeping.

Track 2 - Presented by INTUIT: QuickBooks Accountant Edition - Client Data Review 

Join us to learn about this little known but powerful feature in QuickBooks. Learn how to use the CDR to systematically review and correct client files. See the new features added to QuickBooks 2012 version including reclassifying and recategorizing groups of transactions. See how this feature will improve your management of client’s files and save you time!

Track 3 - Presented by Cameron Peters, CEO and Founder, TaxCycle- A Sneak Peak at Modern Tax Software: Introducing TaxCycle

Join Cameron Peters as he unveils TaxCycle, the new software for Canadian tax professionals his company is releasing this Fall. Cameron is a 25 year veteran of creating tax software such as ProFile(tm) and Cantax(tm). He'll discuss what he learned about developing those platforms, the successful launch of DoxCycle last tax season, and how he's adapting the latest technology to create modern software that is set to take your firm's tax preparation into the future

Track 4 - Panel Facilitator Eileen Reppenhagen, CGA, The Tax Detective: Check your washing machine at the door!

Bookkeepers might be at risk of regulatory arbitrage, or in plain language, taken advantage of by fraudsters looking for help in breaking the rules. Why? Because bookkeepers are not subject to the same rules as accountants in the Proceeds of Crime, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act. Does that leave bookkeepers exposed?

Our host, Eileen Reppenhagen, CGA, will host a panel of experts, Crown Prosecutor (TBA) and two experienced fraud investigators, Colleen Cross, Author; and Margaret Woods, CGA

These experts will share what to do if you find yourself unwittingly involved with a client that may be suspected of criminal activity, including:

1) how a Prosecutor can require bookkeepers to produce records and to testify in a commercial crime case

2) what to know when crime becomes a civil matter

3) methods used by criminals to conceal Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering in books and records

4) learn red flags hidden in financial statements which reveal possibilities of criminal activity

5) what bookkeepers can do to protect themselves from fraudsters looking to launder money

Track 5 - Presented by Canadian Payroll Association: Taxable Benefits and Allowances

This session is designed to provide an overview of the payroll implications for a full range of taxable and non-taxable benefits and allowances. It covers some of the legislative details on a number of common benefits and allowances, their statutory withholding treatment, and year-end reporting requirements. Benefits and allowances to be included will include: the automobile (benefits and allowances), parking, group term life insurance, gifts and awards, overtime meals, tuition, to name a few.





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