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"Building the Cloud" by Jim Torpey

Building A Cloud

Foundations For The Modern Business by Jim Torpey

Original article from MyOfficeToday 2012

In the past, a business’s move to the cloud often started with QuickBooks, Peachtree or some other type of financial software. Using this kind of application in a hosted environment was an instant success because the desire for multiple people to access the same data at the same time, from a variety of locations, already existed. Then the light bulb went off. "What else can be hosted in the cloud?,” professionals began to ask. "How else can I use this technology to improve my business and save money?”

Although the response that providers had for these questions may have slightly varied or seemed complex at times, the basic principle was always the same…"You no longer have to manage your own IT or pay someone large amounts of money to manage your IT in-house.” Even if the nuts and bolts didn’t make sense to someone, the bottom line did. A business’s IT infrastructure, previously complex and costly, can now be implemented quickly and maintained at a fraction of the cost by a hosting provider in the cloud.

With the vast capabilities and possibilities that cloud computing offered came an ever expanding genre of applications that needed to be hosted. Additional software now being made available in the cloud by providers includes CRM and SFA apps for mobile sales teams, inventory tracking and management apps for warehouse and shipping personnel, office productivity and management tools for admins, and even custom industry specific software. Basically, any type of app that a business has hosted on a server in-house, can now be tested and deployed by a provider in the cloud.

Along with more applications came the demand for more cloud integrations, capabilities and additional hosted services. Five years ago, for example, a virtual desktop did not work with dual monitors. Nor could you access hosted applications from mobile devices. But with the demand for these capabilities came providers willing to invest in advancing the technology. These days, most of the capabilities and functionality you have on your local PC have been made available on a virtual platform. This includes the ability to use application add-ons, extensions and web-based integrations.

The rate of advancement is happening almost too fast for any one person to keep up with. Providers that once filled their days with outbound calls to let people know what hosting providers did, now spend their time taking in-bound calls from businesses that are proactively requesting the ability to move more of their IT to the cloud. And as they do, providers will develop application hosting services that meet their needs. In the future, businesses and professionals will continue to benefit as they see more of the technology they need and use on a daily basis become available in the cloud.

About the Author:

Jim Torpey is the VP of Sales at InsynQ-CPAASP. He has over 17 years of experience in technology sales and consulting, and has been helping financial professionals and businesses make their move to the cloud since 1997. More recently, Jim’s focus has been on helping larger firms with multiple client businesses understand how they can implement application hosting and managed IT services into their day-to-day operations.





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