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Why Hire a Certified Professional Bookkeeper?


Certified Professional Bookkeepers (CPBs) provide the insight and expertise needed to help small and medium businesses in Canada grow and succeed. CPBs have:

  • Experience - minimum 4 years of professional bookkeeping experience
  • Certification - completed a national exam in advanced bookkeeping
  • Education - enhanced professional growth through continuing education



Invest in Quality

Streamline work processes and get more accurate and timely reporting. CPBs specialize in streamlining business and financial workflows - a worthwhile investment for your business! 

See the "Big Picture"

The role of professional bookkeeper has drastically evolved from simply maintaining financial records to that of trusted business advisor! Gain a different perspective from an expert in financial & business best practices. 

Accurate Financial Reports

Avoid costly mistakes when preparing year-end adjustments or trial balances. CPBs can complete this last step before financial statements and tax returns are submitted to your accountant or the government. 

Fix Your Books

Avoid costly delays filing your tax return because your books have to be redone. CPBs can catch errors on your bank statements and ledger cash account - before they cost you money. 


Inventory Cost Control

Not sure how to accurately record and cost out your merchandise inventory? CPBs can track the value of inventory on hand to avoid unpleasant surprises on your financial statements at year end. 


Focus on Your Business

Doing your own bookkeeping can take up more time than you can afford. Instead, devote your time to other business needs like strategy, HR, marketing & operations. Hire a CPB and get started today! 






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