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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the business structure of the IPBC?

A. IPBC is a federally registered non profit association, meeting all Government legal requirements to provide services to our national membership.

Q. Why is it so important for bookkeepers to earn their CPBTM- Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation?

A. The millions of business owners across Canada will come to depend on the services of CPBTM - Certified Professional Bookkeeper and will require that their bookkeeper has this certification. If you want to increase your credibility, this certification will have the most influence on your clients or employers purchasing decision.

Q. How will the public know to ask for bookkeepers with a CPBTM - Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation?

A. IPBC has ongoing marketing campaigns across Canada, to bring more awareness to the CPB certification and the bookkeeping profession.

Q. What other benefits will I be eligible for as a member of the IPBC?

A. Recognition- the right to display the IPBC logo on your website and marketing materials.

Certification- eligibility to qualify to achieve the  CPBTM- Certified Professional Bookkeeper by successfully passing the CPB exam.

Support- access to IPBC newsletters, archived webinars, numerous Partner discounts and special offers as well as the IPBC Career Center on our website.

IPBC Rewards Program - By referring new members, earn one free month of membership for each person that joins the IPBC that you have referred.

Member Forum - Access to valuable discussions and experience from your bookkeeping peers across Canada.

Savings - Extensive discounts on services, supplies, tools and education to support and build your business, see all of them on the List of Benefits page.

Q. How will the Members Forum help me to succeed?

A. Our forum offers members access to the vast experience of bookkeepers and accountants across Canada. Posting a topic or question to our forum will result in a multitude of responses from your peers. The Members Forum also provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others. Regular visits to the forum will raise your profile and encourage others to share their knowledge. Get to know your peers from coast to coast, then meet them at the annual conference.

Q. Is IPBC membership tax deductible?

A. Yes.

Q. What am I required to do in order to keep my CPBTM designation?

A. CPBTM - Certified Professional Bookkeepers are required to maintain their high standards through continuing professional education. They must acquire 20 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) every year from the anniversary of their certification exam. See Maintaining CPB Certification.

Q. What qualifications do I need to become certified?

A. You need 4 years of verifiable bookkeeping experience prior to registering for the CPB certification exam.

Q. Is there a course I need to take before writing the exam?

A. No. The certification exam is based on bookkeeping experience.

Q. What does it cost to take the certification exam?

A. There is a registration fee of $225.00 payable to IPBC. Invigilation fees typically range from about $0.00 - $90 and are payable directly to your invigilator. 

Q. What score do I have to get to pass the CPB exam?

A. The passing grade is 80%. 

Q. What if I don’t pass the exam?

A. You may re-register for your exam after the four week waiting period, the fee for retakes is $175 and the invigilation fee would be paid to your invigilator.

Q. Where do I take the exam?

A. IPBC Exam Co-Coordinator will assist you in coordinating your exam at an Academy Of Learning Center nearest you. Or, you can make arrangements to take the exam with an accountants office as long as they are not your employer as this would be considered a conflict of interest.

Q. Why can’t I take the exam at home on my own computer?

A. IPBC’s long term goal is to have the CPBTM designation regulated, we must maintain the integrity of the exam, for that reason, it must be invigilated by a professional.

Q. What is the exam all about?

A. Once you are a member of IPBC you can register for the exam. The exam is based on GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and comprised of multiple choice questions.

Q. When can I write the exam?

A. Our exam coordinator will arrange with you to take the 3 hour exam on Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 2:00PM Pacific Time.

Q. If I do not renew my membership am I still certified?

A. You will loose the CPBTM designation unless you are a member in good standing with IPBC. We will ask you to return your certificate and cease all advertising which promotes you as a CPBTM.

Q. Who approves my Education Credits?

A. IPBC feels that any course that improves your skills as a bookkeeper or, as a manager of your business are acceptable.  It is your responsibility to maintain CE records in your member profile, they will be used when audited by the AC & C Committee. 

Q. I’m not an IPBC member, will you send me your newsletters?

A. Yes. You may sign up to subscribe to our newsletter on the website.

Q. I’m not a member yet, can I talk with some of your member’s in my area?

A. For privacy reasons we do not give out the names of our member’s. If you are close to one of the metropolitan areas where we have local chapter meetings, we allow you to come out to three regional meetings, prior to joining.

Q. What takes place at a Regional Meeting?

A. Regional meetings are generally held in the evenings and are either monthly or bi-monthly depending on the area. Their purpose is to provide networking and educational opportunities for our members. There is plenty of time for sharing ideas, talking about common problems and challenges. Every meeting has a speaker on a topic of interest to bookkeepers. We also invite accountants to come a learn more about our Certified Professional Bookkeepers.







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