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About Us
Client Track is a full practice management software designed specifically for
Accounting Professionals.
Our goal is to help take control of your practice and save you
time by combining all of the office management tools such as managing your clients,
keeping track of your clients' tasks and many more into one easy-to-use package.
Accounting Professionals all across Canada have found that Client Track is the perfect
solution to handle their growing needs so they can focus on providing valuable services to
their clients. Visit our website at www.ClientTrack.ca for more information.
Save $75 Off
Welcome IPBC Members
We are very excited to be partnered with IPBC.
As our partner, we offer an exclusive discount of
$75 off a purchase of any edition of Client Track 6
to all IPBC members.
5 Key Issues Accounting Professionals face and how Client Track solves them:
Icons & Issues
Detemining which clients' deadlines are due Notify all your clients of each of their upcoming deadlines Determining which clients have brought in their info Managing your workload to get everything done on time> Managing your A/R & tracking your time
By effectively solving these five key issues, you can
control your practice and grow your business.
Solution 1
Solution 1 Screenshot
Schedule Your Tasks
Client Track automatically knows all the task dates, therefore making it easier to schedule
your clients`tasks. For more information, go here.
Solution 2
Solution 2 Screenshot
Automatic Notifications
Client Track can automatically send
notifications to each of your clients by
email, phone or fax to notify them of
their upcoming deadlines. For more
information, go here.
Solution 3
Client's Information
Client Track allows you to check off
which of your clients have brought their
information in. For more information,
go here.
Solution 3 Screenshot
Solution 4
Solution 4 Screenshot
Clients' Tasks
Client Track allows you to view all your
clients' tasks at a glance. You can see
the tasks in a calendar format or a list
view so you know exactly which tasks
need to be done. For more information,
go here.
Solution 5
Time & Billing
Client Track can track your clients' tasks using built-in timers or by using time entry forms. Client Track can fill in most of your billing information on the task information already in the system. For more information, go here.
Solution 5 Screenshot
More Features:
• Importing Business & Personal Tax Clients • Personal Tax
• Integration with QuickBooks • Appointments Scheduling
• Integration with Simply Accounting (coming soon) • New Invoicing System
• Complete A/R & Deposit Bookkeeping • Document Vault
• Additional Reports & Invoice Templates • Document & E-Mail Merge
• Client Communication Logger • Full MS Outlook Synchronization
• Record & Track Missing Information • Label Wizard and more.
Toll-Free: 1-866-423-8525 I support@clienttrack.ca I www.ClientTrack.ca





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