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C2-Online Bookkeepers Quote

Every Dollar Matters - Increase Revenues After Tax Season

During the current recession, many businesses and individuals are turning to professional accountants and bookkeepers in order to ensure the correct preparation of their tax returns to avoid costly penalties. This means that there are many opportunities for businesses and franchises to grow – an opportunity for a new revenue stream to offset the lack of revenue after tax season.

Every dollar matters in your business and revenue streams in off peak season are vital to the success of your business. Bookkeeping offers the opportunity for your business to offer another service for your clientele and generate another revenue stream for your business.

A brand new software Bookkeeper’s Quote™ now provides you, the opportunity to profile new clients or existing clients and match their businesses with bookkeeping tasks required. The bookkeeping software provides you the communication tool necessary to discuss the tasks associated with bookkeeping and at the same time provides you the checklist of bookkeeping tasks you will need to complete to provide a bookkeeping service and opportunity to attain more revenue.

Bookkeeper’s Quote™ will create accurate bookkeeping quotes that properly reflect a bookkeepers' time and work on clients' accounts, based on your rates and task/time settings or default proven standard times. Providing quality control measures to ensure profit margins are met.

Bookkeeper’s Quote™ is designed to assist the user in Communicating 2 the client about the costs and any adjustmentsin billings after the quote. It not only holds the bookkeeper accountable to the tasks associated with the client file, but it also holds the client accountable to the information they provide or don’t provide at the quote.

Bookkeeper’s Quote™ includes everything you will need to ensure you provide accurate reliable service to a client. Whether they are new to your office, client information is recorded, compliance methods assured, contacts with the government accounted for, posting and invoicing recorded, payroll included and tax regulatory issues are highlighted and more.

So if you are looking to add a revenue stream to your existing business or a new business that compliments what you are currently doing think about bookkeeping and make every dollar count.

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